SriGen Pharma Ltd. is known for its client-centric approach and drive to always meet the expectations of those who utilize our services. We value partnerships and collaborations.

We believe that by working together, we can discover, develop, and deliver the best quality services for our customers. This approach helps us to set new standards in our industry and improve the quality of life of our customers.

Healthcare Professionals

Patients cannot always afford to wait for medicines to be made commercially available in the country where they live. As a healthcare professional, if you have a patient with an unmet medical need and require access to a medicine not currently available in your country of residence, we can help you. SriGen provides healthcare professionals around the globe with ethical, compliant, and timely access to treatments that are unlicensed or unavailable at the point of care.

All medicines delivered by us are received and distributed under the most stringent quality conditions. Our extensive network of licensed manufacturers and first-line wholesalers assures authenticity and traceability. We offer temperature-controlled storage and delivery to ensure medicines arrive in optimal condition.

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Pharmaceutical and Biotech Companies

SriGen works alongside pharmaceutical and biotech companies in all phases – clinical, unlicensed and commercial, which reinforces our network within industry.

We can provide a customised service to fulfil all your clinical trial and comparator requirements, in addition to reducing your logistical burden. This is why we are a valued partner to many life science organisations across the world.

We are experts in sourcing, storing, supplying, and distributing generic and patented pharmaceuticals, biologicals, and unlicensed products to UK, EU and international customers.

We are regulated by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (“MHRA”) in the UK, and have been issued a WDA(H) for regulating our pharmaceutical distribution activities for human medicines.

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Our suppliers are vital to our business. We believe in strategic selection of people and successful partnerships around the world in order to achieve our customer expectations.

We are always open to new ideas and strong collaboration with industry specialists.

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